A father, daughter and husband trio - A dynamic team that brings the perfect amount of balance with each one’s expertise in their own field - creativity, finance and marketing. A perfect combination of a young, energetic & creative couple and an experienced businessman that brings synergy to Maisha’s journey.

This team brings together a balance of spontaneity & experimentation along with experience and risk-taking.

Meet Esha Shah, the woman behind the vision

Co-Founder, Creative head and the heartbeat of #MaishaLifestyle.

An Ahmedabad-based Entrepreneur with a creative mindset, an eye for detail, a passion for all things creative and a vision to take over the bags industry. She makes sure that every step she walks is taken towards turning her passion into her career with utmost thoughtfulness.

Being a creative head, she takes care of all things creative- from product designing to social media and everything in between. From product curations, brand strategies and community engagements, she likes doing everything to perfection.

The true embodiment of female strength, representing the power of all women in business. She stands for believing in one’s dream and working towards it every waking day.

Meet Nayan Shah, the backbone of Maisha

CEO, Co-Founder and Operations head at Maisha Lifestyle.

A successful businessman with over 34 years of experience in marketing, finance and consultancy who faces the challenges in Maisha with excitement and experience. With hard work and brilliant ideation, Nayan brings smart solutions to the table in any given situation, and gets things done with a snap of the fingers, bringing the best results 

Responsible for Operations and Productions, working alongside the sales team and our vendors to deliver beautiful products globally and within budget. He also works closely with the warehouse team to make sure all orders are fulfilled on time.

He also handles the day-to-day operations at Maisha and faces the challenges with a knack for knowing what is needed in a given situation thus ensuring smooth operations of the business.

Meet Neel Vora, the powerhouse of Maisha

Co-founder & Marketing head at Maisha Lifetsyle.

With the experience of running his very own business from a very young age, he brings his expertise to curating new and fresh products and services for customers. A risk taker, who brings creative and dynamic campaigns to the table.

He takes care of all things marketing, campaign strategies, launch plans and everything in between. All this with a great sense of humour.

Together, these co-founders bring a perfect combination of experience, creativity and innovation. They work in synergy to turn their passion into a successful business, making Maisha Lifestyle a unique and dynamic company in the bags industry.

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