Did you choose the Right Bag for your Trip?

Travelling might be solace to the soul but we know that tripping and flipping can never go hand in hand with light packing. In addition to that, choosing the most stylish bag which carries all of our essentials might not be so easy. If your problems sound similar to what we just described, fret not! Below given is a list of bags that will be absolutely apt for different kinds of travel that you undertake:-

1. Innovative Backpacks for the Dynamic Trek:

If you’re someone who is a frequent traveller, a sturdy bag will be the need of the hour for you. In fact, if you see your trip is accompanied by a lot of climbing steps you should opt for a backpack that has spacious compartments along with being pocket-friendly. Moreover, a fashionable bag will not only pop out in your hot pictures but also leave its charm on your social media. In fact, this travel bag is not made to relax in your loft till your next trip, rather it is very suitable in terms of your requirement for a college or even a school bag. 

2. Duffle Bags for the Fearless Traveler: 

One size can never suit all. Everyone wants to make their travel count along with it being lightweight then one should consider a roomy duffle bag. Its customized outside pockets are designed to keep your belongings safe as well as easy to access. In addition to that, it’s very convenient as it solves the purpose of both being able to roll whenever you want to or can be easily carried in hand when it’s required of the bag. Make sure you score those brownie points when you carry a handcrafted duffle bag which is decorated with woven textured Jacquards & slub. When this duffle bag offers you comfort along with volume to store all your nitty gritty, it seems like a win-win situation in order to carry it.

3. Easy-to-carry Sunglass cases and Passport covers for the Sassy trip:


Travelling will be adventurous but can also easily turn messy and you never know what the trip holds for you. As we’re travelling with our essential documents or identity cards, it’s extremely essential to protect them from all kinds of spillage at all costs. Nobody wants to find their favourite pair of sunglasses broken because they didn’t put it in a proper case or hunting for the passport among all your luggage right before the trip. In this situation we can always consider dressing our passport in the most stylish and classy cases which will not keep them protected but also help you differentiate from your other luggage. And a compact case for your shades will secure it from all forms of wear and tear while you keep your fashion game on. 

4. Three Pocket Jacquard Bags for Professionally Multi-tasker:

Some of us like to keep our bag of essentials right next to us wherever we go. However, this can be very difficult with a suitcase or a duffle. The bag that is designed to suit this purpose is a Three Pocket Jacquard Bag. It will have a space for all your stuff in all shapes and forms. The biggest perk of this bag is that you can individually assort all your stuff in their destined place in the bag that is built with three voluminous compartments along with side pockets. The bag screams “Make and Take me as you want” for everyday travellers who choose comfort in a light package or mommy’s of newborn who require abundant storage with them.

5. Edgy Tote Bags for relaxing beach outing:

When your travel smells of ocean hair, beachey air and waves of smile, I’d tote this bag for you. This bag is quite friendly who don’t really want segregated pockets in their bag but would just dump their stuff in one section. In addition to that, this bag was designed keeping in mind the necessities of modern women in terms of a section for laptop and easy to access side pocket for all your carry-ons. Let’s choose environmentally friendly bags that are aesthetically pleasing and durable. 


So, which bag are you considering on your next trip? Let us know in the comment section below. Meanwhile, don’t forget to share this blog among your friends and family. For more such blogs stay tuned with @maishabyesha.


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